Contact management – ACO system


Having a wide contact list that actually generates new business and improves your results: this is the essence of networking.

Unlike some people imagine, this resource not only is useful to make a person or company well-known in a particular environment, but should also be useful in important moments, such as the search for new business and opportunities. As important as increasing the networking of your business, is to effectively manage your contacts.

In order to help your company to ensure that a simple business cards exchange becomes an effective contact and generate new business and important results, we designed the Contact Management System. This system centralizes information from your contact lists and provides powerful search resources to help you find whatever you look for at anytime from anywhere.


Management of basic data for a contact, such as addresses, phone numbers, emails, websites, etc.
Possibility of linking people to companies.

Management of additional information such as important dates, interests, social networks.

Log of events,  interactions and requests, so that the user stay aware about credits and debits between him/her and other contacts.